The UN Global Compact
and Deloitte have developed a management model to help signatories
align their operations and strategies with the Global Compact’s
principles .

The new management model provide Global
Compact signatories with a framework to create value for
stakeholders while managing human rights, labour, environmental and
anti-corruption impacts.

Deloitte’s global chairman John Connolly said:
“We have observed a dramatic shift in society’s expectations of
business — a shift away from the idea that business is only about
profit-making ahead of all other motives, and towards the notion
that companies must actively foster the social and environmental
conditions that make profitability possible. It’s our fervent hope
that the UN Global Compact Management Model serves as the bridge
that links these two drivers of corporate behaviour.”

The model was developed with input and
feedback from more than 50 business participants of the Global