Jeffrey Bevan, an accountant who stole more than £1.35m has been ordered to pay compensation to the Bermudan Government. Lawyers from the Specialist Fraud Division of the UK Crown Prosecution Service found that the accountant had laundered more than BMD 2,452,135 from the Bermudan government over two years.

Bevan then defrauded his own mother, pocketing £50,000 of her money for himself

CPS specialist prosecutor Juliette Simms said: “Bevan wholly exploited his trusted position as an accountant to take money from a government body. Not content with taking taxpayers’ money, he also took money from his own mother, and spent the stolen funds ostentatiously on race horses, luxury cars and gambling.”

Bevan, 51, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of money laundering after stealing funds from the Bermudan government between 2011 and 2013 and had been sentenced to seven years and four months in prison on 16 February 2018. In November 2018 he was sentenced to a further 18 months for the theft from his mother.

Following an application to the court, a confiscation order has now been put in place. The court has also ordered Bevan to pay over £688,000 in compensation to his former employer, the Bermudan government, and to pay money back to his mother’s estate.

Bevan must pay these funds back within three months, or face further time added onto his prison sentence.