Morison International has admitted a tax
advisory firm in Germany.

Kanzlei Wangler, established in 1983, offers
services in international tax law, restructuring, financial
planning, auditing, annual financial statements, bookkeeping,
payroll accounting and incorporation.

The firm is based in Karlsruhe, a city in the
south west of Germany that is in close proximity
to Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

Kanzlei Wangler’s clients are largely based in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US

The firm is led by Bernhard Wangler and five
managers. Wangler is an advisory board member of the Deutsche Bank
and a board member of NASDAQ-listed science equipment manufacturer
Bruker Corporation

Morison International, a global assocation of
accounting and law firms, said Kanzlei Wangler has been ranked
a leading tax advisory firm in the German financial