(FREE) India’s Central Bureau of
Investigation (CBI) has revealed the manner in which the Satyam
Computer Systems fraud was engineered.

The CBI used cyber-forensic techniques to
discover how the Indian software company generated false invoices
to show inflated sales. Investigations revealed 7,561 fabricated
invoices worth $1.04 billion hidden in the company’s invoice
management system. They were hidden from all divisions, except
sales and finance, and not dispatched to clients.

The false invoices were generated to inflate
sales and 6,603 invoices, worth $962 million, had already been
entered into the accounts.

The Satyam scandal came to light in January
when the company’s founder and chair Ramalinga Raju wrote to the
board, admitting to fraud totalling more than INR7,000 crore ($1.44

Price Waterhouse was Satyam’s auditor at the