Three ex-Mazars partners have filed a legal
claim in a UK court against their previous employer for allegedly
failing to pay remuneration packages in full.

Robin Stevens, Stephen Bullock and Fiona
Hotston Moore alleged Mazars withheld funds that were intended to
cover their tax bills and are attempting to sue the firm for about
£139,000 ($222,461).

According to media reports, the partners are
now late in paying their tax liabilities and may incur penalties
from HM Revenue & Customs.

The withheld funds are part of a remuneration
package that partners get when they are accepted into a

A common agreement when you become a partner
in a firm is that a proportion of the money is withheld for
accounting and tax purposes. At the end of each financial year
payment is due according to the level of the partner in the
structure of the firm and the turnover and profit of the firm.

Mazars said in a statement that the firm has a
policy to, “make any payments due to former and existing partners
promptly and properly”.

“However, the enquiry relates to ongoing legal
proceedings with these individuals and as such we are not prepared
to comment further at present,” a spokesman added.

Earlier this year, Hotston Moore lodged a sex
discrimination claim against Mazars with the East London Employment

All three partners left Mazars this year and
now work at Crowe Clark Whitehill.