Gabriel Azedo, a previous lead partner of
Grant Thornton Hong Kong and member of the international network’s
leadership board, is involved in a legal dispute after two clients
filed writs against him demanding a combined total of $12.1

Azedo left the firm last month although he ceased to be a
partner in 2008 after the claimants filed their allegations in
separate writs in a Hong Kong high court.

Angela Gardner is suing Azedo and former
client Senning International for breach of contract and breach of
trust. She is demanding $9.8 million.

Local racehorse owners Arthur and Betty da
Silva name Azedo and Grant Thornton Hong Kong and are seeking the
transfer of an account of trust assets allegedly held on their
behalf by the defendants or a minimum of $2.3 million in
The firm reported Azedo’s conduct to Hong
Kong’s commercial crime bureau on 20 October 2009.