Six European countries are among the top10
nations reporting on their corporate responsibility (CR), according
to KPMG’s survey.

The International Survey of Corporate
Responsibility Reporting 2011,
surveying 100 largest companies
in 34 countries, found that CR reporting is now undertaken by 64%
of all those companies.

KPMG also found that 94% of the Global Fortune
250 (G250) companies report on their CR activity.

The UK was at the top of the list as all of
the largest 100 companies are reporting on their CR activities,
against 99% in Japan, 97% in South Africa, 94% in France and 91% in

The rest of the top 10 include Brazil, Spain,
Finland and the US, with 80% to 88% of companies reporting on their
CR activities.

According to the survey 60% of Chinese
companies have reported their CR activities in 2011.

At the bottom of the list was Israel where
only 18% of companies reported on CR, 20% in India and the 38% in

The survey also found that publicly owned and
state-owned companies did better that other types of companies,
with 69% and 57% respectively reporting on CR.

KPMG found 67% of companies said reputation
and their branding was the main motivation for reporting on their
CR activities, for 58% ethics, for 44% employee motivation,
innovation and learning, for 35% it was risk management.

KPMG said it is apparent that CR reporting is
gathering momentum year on year as companies are benefiting
financially from such practice as well.