Deloitte’s IFRS team under new direction


Deloitte Global’s IFRS office team leader Ken
Wild has retired and been replaced by Joel Osnoss and Veronica

Randall Sogoloff has also been appointed as
Deloitte’s global IFRS communications leader.

Osnoss is a partner at Deloitte US and has
more than 25 years of experience in public accounting, particularly
in the field of assurance and advisory services.

He advises companies on the application of US
GAAP, IFRS and US Securities and Exchange Commission

Osnoss represents Deloitte on the Center for
Audit Quality’s international practice task force and is also a
member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB)
advisory council.

Poole is Deloitte UK’s IFRS centre of
excellence leader and a member of the firm’s global IFRS leadership
team (GILT).

Poole specialises in financial instruments,
foreign exchange and structured finance transactions. She advises
the firm’s banking and corporate clients on technical accounting
issues and shapes policies and audit guidelines on accounting

Sogoloff is a partner in Deloitte US’s
accounting standards and communications group and a specialist in
international accounting and financial reporting.

He is a member of the firm’s IFRS centre of
excellence and a GILT participant.

From 2003 to 2005, Sogoloff was a FASB
accounting practice fellow. He is also a member of the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ accounting standards
executive committee.


New products

The new IFRS leadership team, which took
control on 1 June, are launching a new suite of Deloitte-branded
IFRS publications:

IFRS in Focus, a newsletter covering accounting developments
intended to help practitioners understand how they will be

IFRIC Review, a publication examining matters discussed at the
IASB’s IFRS Interpretations Committee.

Industry-Focused Publications, intended to highlight issues and
opportunities pertaining to specific industries as a result of IFRS