In the digital media age, having a strong presence on
social networking sites has become
big business for global accounting firms. Ana Gyorkos takes a look
at how the top-20 firms
compare in this exclusive piece of research.

The Big Four have a strong presence across all social media
platforms largely due to their sheer size and brand power.

Deloitte is most popular on all of the social media platforms with
a total of 336,476 people
who either like, follow or are a member of various social media
pages. PwC is placed
second with 267,485 from Ernst & Young (E&Y) with 257,182
and KPMG with
170,659. BDO has the largest mid-tier presence with 28,116 social
media fans.

Since Twitter launched in 2006, the microblogging website has grown
to a multi-billion
business with more then 200m users worldwide.

Deloitte is most popular on Twiter with 98,759 followers on 34
pages, while PwC
has 78,519 followers. Deloitte also has the most followers for a
single page with 23,000
admiring Deloitte Global. Deloitte leads LinkedIn, the most
relevant social media site for corporates, with 96,377 members,
followed by PwC with 78,108 and E&Y with 69,841.

E&Y has the highestmembers per group ratio with 1,058. BDO
again leads the mid-tier with 10,530 members.

On Facebook, corporates and individuals create pages where users
can show their
approval by ‘liking’ the brand although the jury is still out on
the value of having a
corporate facebook presence. IAB research ensured inactive sites
were not considered.
Yet again, Deloitte heads the list with 141,340 likes followed by
E&Y on 137,116
likes. Grant Thornton is the most Facebook friendly mid-tier brand
with 7,233 likes.