Deloitte has become one of the largest
management consulting firms in Switzerland after combining with
public sector specialists Exsigno. The combined entity will
generate revenue of about CHF85 million ($79.8 million) and employ
300 staff.

It will offer expertise in strategy,
operations, enterprise applications including SAP, technology
integration, human capital and actuarial consulting. Its industry
focus will include banking, insurance, the public sector, health
care, consumer business, manufacturing and energy.

Exsigno, one of the top 15 Swiss management
consultancies, has more than 150 staff and annual turnover of CHF43
million ($40.4 million). It is strong in the public sector and its
clients include most of the Swiss cantons and the federal
government. The merged entity will operate as Exsigno Deloitte in
the public sector and health care markets.

Former Exsigno senior executive partner
Jürg Frick has been appointed Deloitte Switzerland vice

Frick said the combination would provide a
secure future for the firm, which was established in 1994 as a
subsidiary of a German company.

“With a company with 150 people you always
have the risk that what ever service you have you do not reach a
critical mass,” Frick explained. “And, if you don’t reach a
critical mass, it is extremely hard to be profitable.”

Deloitte and Exsigno grew consulting revenue
10 percent in their most recent fiscal years, exceeding the market
average of 5 percent.

Exsigno is the latest merger involving
Deloitte’s joint UK and Switzerland firm.

This year, Deloitte has been rapidly building
its consulting business in several niche fields through a series of
strategic mergers and acquisitions. This includes the combination
of Drivers Jonas, a real estate consultancy that added 650 staff
and £100 million in revenue to Deloitte’s real estate team.

Deloitte Switzerland, which provides audit,
tax and consulting services, has more than 1,000 professionals.