Deloitte China has opened a new office in
Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province and most populous city in
central China.

This is the fourth office Deloitte China has
opened within the past 18 months and Deloitte now has offices in 14
cities across China.

Deloitte China says Wuhan has a good
geographic location as it connects nine provinces in China and it
is set to become one of the major financial hubs in China’s central

The firm hopes to reach its target of
investing $250m for developing capacity in China between 2004 and

Deloitte is planning to hire 1,100 university
graduates in 2010 to support its growth.

Deloitte China is one of the fastest growing
member firms of Deloitte’s global organisation, and is now the
fourth largest firm after the US, UK and Canada.