Deloitte’s global office has changed its legal
registration from a Swiss verein to a UK private company.

Deloitte said it was motivated to change the
registration because it had outgrown the Swiss verein structure,
which is more suitable for sports clubs and charities rather than
corporate holding entities.

“When Deloitte was initially formed, it was a
much smaller organisation with very few central activities, and was
therefore not significantly impacted by the unique restrictions
upon the activities of a verein under Swiss law,” Deloitte

A Reynolds Porter Chamberlain partner said
English law endures very high statues globally and several
international networks are registered under it.

“The world has confidence in the English law
and jurisdiction, as we can see in a lot of arbitration clauses
that apply English law and contracts involving foreign parties
where English law is specified in preference to the governing law.
The governing law elsewhere is often less comprehensive or the
outcome less certain to the one in the UK,” the partner said.

Deloitte’s UK legal structure became effective
on 31 July 2010. Deloitte’s global office operates a
completely separate legal entity to its member firms.