Yoichiro Ogawa has been elected vice chairman
of the Deloitte Global Board.

Ogawa, who succeeds Amadou Raimi in his new
position, has worked for Deloitte Japan for more than 30 years
providing services to clients in both the US and Japan through
multiple leadership positions.

In 2007, Ogawa became a managing partner of
practice development and international affairs at Deloitte Japan as
well as a member of the Japanese National Board. Within Deloitte
global, he was appointed co-chairman of the Global Japanese
Services Group Council.

Additionally, he previously served as a member
of both the Deloitte Board of Directors and the Governance

“Ogawa-san’s appointment as vice chairman
recognises both the increasing importance of the Asia Pacific
region to our network and his qualities as a world-class leader. I
look forward to seeing these attributes displayed in his new role,”
Deloitte chairman of the board Steve Almond said.