Deloitte has acquired ClearViewIP, a UK-based global intellectual property (IP) consulting and transaction advisory firm for an undisclosed sum. ClearViewIP helps clients implement effective IP strategies, build portfolios, and more effectively value and exploit intellectual property. ClearViewIP’s founder and CEO, Jon Calvert, will become a Deloitte partner and will continue to lead the team, operating under the Deloitte IP advisory services division.

Andrew Robinson, leader of Deloitte’s specialist valuation group, which also advises on IP and other intangible assets, said: “It has long been recognised that managing intellectual property is vital in enabling businesses to deliver their commercial objectives and create long-term value. However, the strategy and management side is rapidly growing in importance. This move enables us to offer our clients enhanced ways of safeguarding and commercialising their innovation and IP investment.”

ClearViewIP’s CEO, Jon Calvert added: “We have built a successful IP consulting business with a track record of helping companies across the globe understand their competitive IP position, build value, manage risk and unlock efficiencies. We are excited to join Deloitte as it accelerates our ability to support a broader client base and enhances Deloitte’s mission of providing a wide range of value creation services.”

Founded in 2007, ClearViewIP has worked across many sectors, including IT, healthcare, finance, automotive, and telecoms. ClearViewIP's team includes Chief Intellectual Property Officers, business builders, licensing executives and technologists, who have worked with multinational FTSE 350 and Fortune 100 companies, as well as SMEs and academic institutions.