Deloitte has acquired identity and access
management firm IM Global.

IM Global will be integrated into Deloitte’s
security team as part of its information and technology risk
(I&T risk) practice.

The IM Global acquisition will add 17 staff
and associate partners Ian McCaw, Paul Boichat and Alam Hussain to
Deloitte’s 500 strong I&T risk team.

Identity and access management incorporates
the processes, technologies and policies used to manage digital
identities and specify how they are used to access resources.

“Identity and access management is cited as a
significant concern by corporates in our recent security survey”
Deloitte I&T Risk lead partner Simon Owen said.

“Organisations are looking to increase the
degree of control they have over who has access to their IT
applications and networks. The acquisition of IM Global will
significantly boost our existing capabilities.”

McCaw, the managing director of IM Global,
said Deloitte and IM Global have a productive working history.

“With Deloitte’s advisory and strategic
expertise and the complimentary vendor and technical skills of IM
Global we are confident we will form a winning combination in the
UK and EMEA market,” he said.