Deloitte US is to lay off about 800 staff in response to an
overall slowdown in the US economy. The job cuts represent about 2
percent of the firm’s workforce and have been announced only a
couple of months after Deloitte revealed it will build a
multi-million dollar learning and leadership centre.

Deloitte spokesperson Deborah Harrington said no further
lay-offs have been planned. She said Deloitte was taking a number
of steps to reduce costs, including adjustments to workforce levels
in the US.

The firm stated: “The cost-containment programme is taking place
across all support functions and client service units. Part of the
plan is to align our headcount according to current and projected
revenues. Like our competitors, we are affected by a number of
economic events, including the overall slowdown in the US and
global economies.”

In July, Deloitte announced it will invest $300 million in a new
learning and leadership centre.

The 750,000 square-foot campus will have 800 guest rooms and
serve as a state-of-the-art development centre for new hires,
senior leaders, partners, principals and directors. It is due to
open in 2011.