Auditor Client Rankings

The big news this quarter is that BDO added 16 new clients and now have more quoted clients than KPMG.  This is the very first time that a non-Big Four auditor has the second highest number of total Stock Market clients.  It is interesting to note that only as late as Q4 2018 KPMG had the highest number of clients

In Nov 2005, BDO had 207 fewer clients than KPMG and have added 150 clients since that date.  BDO have also added four new FTSE 250 clients this quarter.  Two (Temple Bar Investment Trust and Murray International Trust) were previously audited by EY, and Oxford Instruments were previously audited by KPMG.  The fourth new FTSE 250 was due to the latest FTSE reshuffle.  Other positive results for BDO this quarter are:

  • Adding 7 new FTSE Small Cap/Fledgling clients – 3 from PwC and one each from EY, KPMG, Deloitte and Grant Thornton.  BDO takes 4th place from Deloitte, as Small Cap/Fledgling client numbers fall for all the Big Four.  The Big Four lost 18 Small Cap/Fledgling clients, whilst 11 were added by a combined BDO, Mazars and Johnston Carmichael
  • Extended AIM lead over PwC from 70 to 76 clients
  • Taken 1st place from KPMG in Technology rankings
  • EY lost 9 FTSE 250 clients in the quarter and falls to 4th place
  • PwC still tops the FTSE 100