Company leaders have to start prioritising
stakeholders before their personal rewards, according to a report
by think tank Tomorrow’s Company in collaboration with PwC UK and
the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

The report, Invisible Elephant &
Pyramid Treasure: Tomorrow’s Leadership – the transpersonal
, emphasises the development of a leader beyond their
personal ego in order to lead a more sustainable business based on
the needs of clients and staff.

At the launch in London yesterday, PwC UK
chairman and senior partner Ian Powell said the personal
responsibility of a leader is essential and emphasised the
importance of engaging with staff when creating a company’s long

“I think in this day an age employees in every
business need to believe in the value and ethics of the
organisation they work for,” Powell said.

CIMA chief executive Charles Tilly explained
the institute is involved in this project as it tries to help
business leaders make better decisions towards a more sustainable
organisation based on accurate information, which enables good

“This report is very timely, given the recent
widespread dissatisfaction with corporate leaders. One problem is
that many leaders are not aware of how their behaviour and how they
deal with other people, affects their own performance and the
performance of the organisation,” Tilly said.