Following the merger with Inter Revisjon, BDO
claims it is the third largest provider of audit and assurance
services in Norway.

Despite its increase in size, BDO Norway
managing partner Trond-Morten Lindberg told the International
Accounting Bulletin
the firm plans to continue to focus on
middle market clients.

“We will continue to develop a range of
services designed for the middle market and the upper level of the
middle market. We will focus on differentiating BDO from the Big
Four through our local and solution-oriented approach,”
Lindberg said.

Lindberg said BDO approached Inter Revisjon to
improve its tax offering and coverage in key cities.

“BDO and Inter Revisjon have established a
similar corporate culture,” Lindberg said. “With that kept in mind,
together with their position in strategic important cities as
Bergen, Trondheim and Molde, it was easy to name Inter Revisjon as
the most wanted merger partner in the Norwegian marketplace.

“Inter Revisjon brings in a service line of
285 auditors in addition to an advisory department of 15 people.
Together we will be a significant player in the Norwegian audit,
tax and advisory market.”

BDO is the fifth largest firm in Norway with
annual revenues of €125m ($178m). KPMG, the smallest of the Big
Four in Norway, reported revenues of $172m in 2009, however, the
firm is believed to have grown in the past fiscal year and would be
larger than BDO.

Lindberg said BDO’s immediate plans are to
integrate the two firms and continue to capture market share and
make the most of opportunities arising from new regulation.