Crowe Horwath International chief executive
Frank Arford is to retire from accounting in July after 40 years in
the profession. Crowe Horwath US COO Kevin McGrath has been chosen
to succeed Arford at the helm of the world’s ninth-largest
accounting network.

In the past five years, Arford has led Crowe
Horwath International through a period of strong growth and
geographic expansion. The network has grown global revenues by 32%
to $2.89bn and expanded its workforce by 52% to 27,294, in spite of
the economic turmoil that has stifled Western economies.

Crowe Horwath International now has a presence
in 109 countries, which is a net gain of 21 countries in five
years. Another major feat is the global rebranding exercise from
Horwath International to Crowe Horwath International, which
involved a greater take-up on global branding by member firms. This
includes the network’s US firm Crowe Horwath, which was previously
known as Crowe Chizek.

“Frank has done a wonderful job building Crowe
Horwath International’s brand and preparing our network to compete
for upmarket international business,” said Crowe Horwath
International chair Mark Hildebrand.

“It has been a great experience working for
Crowe Horwath International at a turning point of its development,
and I am very grateful for the support that the network’s teams and
firms have provided me over the years,” Frank Arford commented.

Arford’s replacement, McGrath leads the firm’s
specialised industry services, new product development and market
facing activities.

On an international level, McGrath has
participated in the development of the current strategy for Crowe
Horwath International and recently been active in the pursuit of
new member firms.