Stephen Leung has been appointed the first
Asia-Pacific regional manager at AGN International.

In his new role, Leung will be the conduit to
provide more knowledge of and to the membership, as well as
improving business development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Previously Leung has undertaken such work in
an international environment and has also worked in both China and
the US.

The association said the creation of Leung’s
role his is a major step forward for it and is just one of a number
of strategies that have been put in place this year to ensure it
provides the highest level of information and services to member
firms and their clients.

“This appointment is a very historic one as it
is a first of its kind. We have recognised the very high importance
of the Asia Pacific region in the business environment both today
and in the foreseeable future. This appointment will meet the
demands of clients wanting to invest there as well as support the
activities of our current member firms and build up our membership
numbers. I am personally delighted that Leung has decided to accept
this key role as he has the credentials to ensure its success,” AGN
International chief executive Nicholas Blake said.