ACCA’s annual results indicate healthy growth rates for member
and student numbers.

ACCA’s global membership stood at 140,000 in March 2010. A 6.5%
increase from the December 2008 figure of 131,500 members. During
this period student numbers increased 10.4% from 366,000 to

The Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region
showed the greatest growth of any region with a 31.9% increase.

ACCA chief executive, Helen Brand commented: “This healthy
growth comes during an economically challenging time. Accountants’
skills are more important than ever, to restore confidence in the
global economy, to help businesses large and small to identify and
manage costs and deliver sustainable growth.”

With a growing global network and with members in 170 countries,
ACCA is increasingly rated as one of the leading global
professional accountancy body by employers around the world.

Last year, ACCA opened offices in Brussels, Bangladesh, Chengdu
and Macau, and also began collaborative work with major
organisations, including KPMG. In total it has 57 global
accountancy partnerships with organisations around the world.