ACCA is calling on new UK prime minister Boris Johnson to look at at the proposed salary threshold for international workers in a post-Brexit Britain, ACCA wants the threshold to be reduced from £30,000 to £20,000.

ACCA’s chief executive Helen Brand OBE said: “It is absolutely imperative the UK upholds its status and reputation as ‘global Britain’ by continuing to be open to those wanting to work and study here. Closing the skills gap is key to maintaining global competitiveness and there must be a commitment to ensuring employers are able to access international talent to fill critical and vacant roles.”

Brand added that the UK currently benefits from a level of soft power influence granted by the continued recognition and trust in UK services, and the presence of UK qualified professionals performing highly-skilled regulated roles in international markets. She said: “As we move forward with trade agreements, it is vital government champions our world-renowned professional services industries by ensuring mutual recognition of professional qualifications in any free trade agreement.”