The firms were: TGS (Hellas) Certified Auditors Accountants SA (Greece); Fidexpert (Romania); Frascati (Italy), Athena (Italy), TGS Ecuador (Ecuador), TGS Sarrio & Asociados (Peru), Arva Contadores (Panama), Howlader Maria & Co (Bangladesh), DBA (Philippines), CharterNet (Australia); Experience Provider Middle East for Accounts Audit LLC (Jordan).

Over the same period, it also lost five firms: Studio Holzmiller & Partners (Italy); Creatrust (Luxembourg); TGS Audit and Tax (Germany), Enlighten Business Consult Co., Ltd (Thailand) and La Fiduciaire Conseil du Maroc (Morocco).

The net gain in firms means TGS is now present in 56 countries around the world.

Marc Desjardins, president of TGS said: “We are delighted to welcome these new members and we are proud to know that our network attracts independent, high-quality, entrepreneurs who want to make a difference thinking of sustainability and making their firms part of a worldwide network under a single common brand. As we continue to grow, we are pleased to offer members access to professional relationships and resources that help them to develop their firms and to provide a quality service to their customers. "