The leaders of the firm’s three primary businesses are: Carl Carande, who is continuing as Vice Chair of Advisory; Greg Engel, who succeeds Jeffrey C. LeSage as Vice Chair of Tax; and Scott Flynn, who succeeds Frank Casal as Vice Chair of Audit. In addition, Tandra Jackson has been named Vice Chair of Growth & Strategy, and Will Williams succeeds Newinski as Vice Chair of Operations.

Additionally, four key leaders are continuing in their roles on the management team: Darren Burton, Vice Chair of Human Resources; Lisa Madden, Vice Chair of Risk Management; Tonya Robinson, Vice Chair and General Counsel – Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance; and Claudia Saran, Vice Chair of Culture.

“Our management team will harness the talents and capabilities of the entire firm to empower our clients and our people to confidently meet today's challenges and thrive in the future,” said Knopp. “We will be nimble and agile in our execution, and bold in our thinking.

“We’re optimistic about our opportunities, and we remain committed to instilling trust with stakeholders. As we begin to write a new chapter for our firm, one that is built on integrity, growth and execution, we will differentiate ourselves in the market by the quality of ourpeople and our services, and the strength of our culture and values. We will take bold action – guided by our values and strategy – to ensure the firm is best positioned to drive client innovation and growth.”

Newinski said: “Each of the leaders Paul and I selected for the management team has a long and proven track record of success. They make up a diverse team that will embrace change, focus intensely on quality and excellence, build strong teams, and live our values every day. They are highly regarded partners who embody the skills, experience and personal attributes that will lead our firm forward.”

Advancing Diversity and Equity at KPMG

On June 19, Knopp unveiled ACCELERATE 2025the firm’s strategic approach to further advance one essential dimension of its overall Inclusion and Diversity agenda – ensuring that more individuals from underrepresented groups choose KPMG as their employer of choice, build careers at KPMG, and advance to leadership positions within the firm and the profession. Carande, Engel, Flynn, and Jackson – working with a task force of others – will develop the action plan.

“We’re living in a moment in time when the dictates of justice couldn’t be more obvious or action more urgent, and when corporate America never has been more aligned on the business imperative,” said Knopp. “ACCELERATE 2025 officially launched on July 1 – the first day of my tenure as Chair and CEO of KPMG – to indicate its importance and strategic significance. By 2025, the firm and its leaders will look more like America than we do today because of this important effort.”