Jon Lisby, who established GAAS in 2019 said “Jane has such a high and respected profile in the sector that she needs little introduction. She has more than 25 years’ experience and is widely regarded as the go-to person on the broadest range of network and association issues. Jane has worked with and advised the full spectrum of networks and associations from the Big 4 and many of the mid-tier.

She has a deep and practical experience of the challenges faced by all. I have always enjoyed working with Jane over the years, and it’s excellent that she is now part of our team as so many of the issues we are now covering with our clients require expert legal input or review.”

Jane commented, “This is undoubtedly a time of considerable challenge for the international alliance sector but, from the range of assignments in which GAAS are currently involved, it is clearly also a time of great opportunity for many. I am looking forward to contributing my expertise, whether in the risk advisory space or helping to conclude a successful transaction or restructuring in this regulated profession”.