The firms are KBK Accounting in Moscow, Russia; Moodys Gartner Tax Law in Calgary, Canada; and Gaedke & Angeringer Steuerberatung GmbH in Graz, Austria.

KBK Accounting is an outsourcing provider of accounting services and a member of AHK (The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce). The firm takes over the tax and accounting bookkeeping of a client’s company, providing services in accounting and tax bookkeeping. The main office languages are English, German, and Russian.

Moodys Gartner Tax Law provides tax advisory and planning for individuals with personal and business interests on either side of the Canada-US border. They deliver Canadian, US, and international tax advisory and planning, including corporate and personal, estate and trust planning, tax dispute resolution, US tax compliance and value-added tax. The main office languages are English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Based in Graz, Gaedke & Angeringer Steuerberatung GmbH provides support in taxation, accounting, payroll services and business management, as well as social security and labour law.

Their clients range from sole traders to multinational groups, public bodies, non-profit organisations, real estate investors, expatriates, employees and freelance professionals. The main office languages are German and English.