Alongside this, Deloitte Global intends to purchase certain non-US BAL operations in Australia, Brazil, China, Dubai, Mozambique, Singapore, South Africa and UK through its respective member firms, adding 170 practitioners.

BAL will remain an independent law firm and offer immigration services in the US with Deloitte Global offering immigration services for the rest of the world

Deloitte US, which does not provide immigration or legal services, is not party to the alliance or the acquisition.

The alliance combines Deloitte’s experience in global mobility expatriate tax, reward and innovation with BAL’s US immigration capability and case management technology. It will support global employers in consistently complying with international law and regulation.

Deloitte’s global immigration lead Kalvinder Dhillon said: “With the increased need for cross-border business travel, global organisations are recognising the value of a firm that can bring a global footprint to help support the challenges of delivery and corporate compliance.

“Our ability to provide a fully global, end-to-end service will help employers move talent where it’s needed and enhance their compliance.”


By Mishelle Thurai