Audit Management Finance (A.M.F.) is an accounting, financial, legal and tax consulting firm offering a complete service. The firm was founded in 2008 by Mehdi Maazoun, a chartered accountant with significant Big 4 experience in both Tunisia and France. Mehdi is also the first certified public accountant elected into the High Council of the Judiciary, representing all Tunisian accountants. This honorific title allows him to sit with the highest Magistrates and lawyers and has notably increased the legal services of the firm A.M.F.

Says Mehdi Maazoun, “Being a member of an international alliance will enable us to better service our customers who operate globally. Our firm frequently works with local clients who have subsidiaries or assignments abroad and membership at BOKS International will allow our clients to contact law, audit and consulting firms the world over.

Being part of BOKS International will keep our firm more up to date in our fields of activity, as we benefit from the experience of other member firms around the world, and participate in regional meetings and annual conferences to discover new developments.”

Says Richard Sergeant, Alliance Director, “This is the fourth firm to join BOKS international in Africa this year, and a trend we expect to continue through 2020. A.M.F. is a high-quality firm with excellent experience, and we expect them to be an asset to the alliance. Our continued rapid expansion beyond Europe shows the true potential of our very young alliance.”