Graeme has served on the Worldwide Board for six years as a key EMEA representative on the African continent. He has been instrumental in building new connections there and abroad for BKR International.

“I trust that the past six years have prepared me well for this position,” Graeme said of his appointment. “Although we are experiencing unusual times, I look forward to continuing the goals of our past and current leaders in BKR International, and I offer my gratitude to outgoing Worldwide Chair Manuel Rangel (Mexico City) and our outgoing Worldwide CEO Howard Rosen.” 

New Worldwide CEO Tim Morris (London), who begins his role full-time in January 2021, concurred with those sentiments, adding that Graeme is well suited to the role of Worldwide Chair.

“He sees the benefits that an association like BKR can bring to his own firm and what that does for other firms to carry on as effectively as possible on an international scale. I’ve known Graeme for many years through the EMEA board, and the African subregion was formed at his behest. It established a means for members throughout Africa to get to know each other and learn what is happening in business across the continent. Graeme is, of course, very keen to showcase South Africa, but also to continue building BKR relationships worldwide.”

Graeme will continue to serve as a partner in Boake Incorporated, which was established by his father, Doug Boake, in 1970. The firm offers a variety of services in Johannesburg, ranging from audit and assurance, accounting, secretarial and tax to specialised projects and consulting. Graeme, CA (SA), is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He completed his articles and added two years of invaluable experience at KPMG. He has considerable experience in the auditing of public companies and medium-sized businesses. His particular expertise is in auditing and taxation, but also the design and implementation of accounting systems for other clients.

“I welcome the opportunity to collaborate closely with new Worldwide CEO Tim Morris as well as the new EMEA Regional Chair Andre Buijsman (Amersfoort), new Asia-Pac Regional Chair Subir Dutta (Kolkata), Americas Regional Chair, Raymi Mejia (Puerto Rico) and all of our current and new Worldwide Board members,” Graeme added. “It is a challenging time, but it is also an exciting time to lead this organization.”