Antea added 16 members to its association for the year to September 2018.

All of the members are independent firms, offering accounting, auditing, consulting, tax & legal services. The firms’ clients are from both private and public sector and work across a variety of industries.

The 16 members are; Penguin Management (Australia), Ad Valorem (Canada), Indígo (Dominican Republic), Larsen & Co (Finland), BWSP Gobert & Partners (Hungary), Kudri & Djamaris (Indonesia), Hugh McCarthy & Associates (Ireland), Baldazzi Zattera & Associati (Italy), Studio Legale Guardamagna e Associati (Italy), Sugiyama & Co CPA (Japan), Laurel Wreath Consulting (Jordan), SMA Servicios S.A. (Panama), Estudio Morales (Peru), SCHNEIDER Group (Russia), Tax Consulting (South Africa) and Orga Audit (Tunisia).

In many of the countries, it was Antea’s first appointment.