We are delighted to announce the joining of Dan Geltrude and team from Geltrude & Company based in New Jersey, USA to the MGI Worldwide network.

Geltrude & Company are unique from other accounting firms, offering clients pioneering and proactive accounting and tax services that go beyond the traditional and enter into the strategic – and do it in a focused and mindful way.

Committed to entrepreneurial thinking, quality service, and client profitability 

The firms’ forward-thinking philosophy is demonstrated through a team of professionals committed to entrepreneurial thinking, quality service, and client profitability.

With 4 partners and over 30 professional staff, Geltrude & Company is a full-service accounting and financial consulting firm with specialty practice areas in Tax Planning, Outsourced Accounting, Family Office and Pension Audits.

Minimising taxes, maximising profits

Based in Nutley, New Jersey within the New York metropolitan area Gelltrude & Company is located in the hub of the financial world. Founder and Managing Partner, and key MGI Worldwide contact, Dan Geltrude says, “We go right to what clients really want as human beings, and that is to have less pain and more pleasure. “In the accounting world that translates to minimizing taxes and maximizing profitability. When Geltrude & Company engages with any of your potential clients we are going to do more than just get the numbers on the right page. We are actually going to make sure that clients benefit from that information – that’s what makes the difference.”

Keen to exchange information and experiences 

Dan and his team are looking forward to engaging with members in North America and around the world and exchanging information among firms and with each other to help make all firms stronger, more adaptive, and profitable.

Dan is a go-to-expert for major media outlets in the United States for all finance, economic, accounting and tax topics, and often referred to as “America’s Accountant®.”  Dan is focused on using his skills and experience to deliver value to clients and for over 35 years has made a significant positive impact on the accounting profession and the State of New Jersey. In 2019 Dan received the induction to the Nutley Hall of Fame joining a select group of highly accomplished individuals.