COO Daxin Global Hong Yue offers a summary of the network’s history and strategic plans:

  • Daxin Global, established in 2017 is a client focused accounting association that has been classified by the IAB as in the Top15 largest accounting association worldwide and the 2nd largest in Asia in 2020 with a total reported revenue of USD millions 381.8 and with over 4800 staff located in 73 offices around the world.
  • In 2020, Daxin Global could welcome seven new members in various parts of the world including in the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. This brings the total amount of member firms to 17, spanning across 6 continents during a tough period of a global pandemic situation.

Yonghua Hu, Chairman of the network says, “We are pleased with the development of our association which is a sign of trust from our over 6000 customers of which 150 listed firms, that are expanding their operations globally.”

  • Daxin Global focusses strongly on audit quality which is supported by the fact that member firms strictly adhere to international accounting standards for transnational audits. The plan is to build a global training platform which will allow to enhance quality across this young association digitally which becomes probably a standard in all accounting firms going forward as travel restrictions will continue to create barriers for physical global meetings.
  • Daxin is in the process for further expanding its presence into additional countries in 2021.

An overview of the member firm locations can be found here