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International Women's day: To quit or not to quit
23 March, 2017
By Lorrain Miriro Chitereka, financial accountant at Delta Beverages (Private) Limited, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe, Public Accountants and Auditors Board and Women Chartered Accountants Network
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International Women's Day: Meaningful connections, lasting change 23 March, 2017 By Anita Cohen, Director, Hill Rogers (Morison KSi)

International Women's Day: Women Empowerment in the Philippines 23 March, 2017 By Normita Lansang-Villaruz, founder and managing partner of Villaruz, Villaruz & Co., (Morison KSi)

International Women's Day: Women in Leadership: Why intentionality spurs progress 23 March, 2017 By Kellie Becker, partner, Plante Moran (Praxity)

International Women's Day: Accountancy profession still responding to needs of women and millennials 20 March, 2017 By Litsa Christodulou, partner, HLB Mann Judd Perth

International Women's Day: Numbering the days of the glass ceiling in accounting 20 March, 2017 By Lori F. Reiner and Diane M. Wasser, EisnerAmper (Allinial Global)

International Women's Day: Business development for busy working mothers 20 March, 2017 By Kirsten Flanagan, partner, Friedman LLP (DFK International)

International Women's Day: Gender Gap in Thailand 20 March, 2017 By Panida Kulchaisawat, managing director, ThaiAudit TheTruth (PrimeGlobal)

International Women's Day: The Business Case for SKY 20 March, 2017 By Wendy Henry. managing partner, BKD St. Louis/Decatur, SKY Advisory Council Chair (Praxity)

Brand wars: the return of Jedi Andersen 17 March, 2017 by Vincent Huck Arthur Andersen has returned to the headlines, and two groups, one headquartered in the USA and one headquartered in France, claim to be the rightful heir of the iconic accountancy firm. Yet which of the two owns the brand and which of the two can claim the legacy? Vincent Huck reports, with additional research by Aziz Rahman and Sarajuddin Isar.

Comment: Challenges and opportunities of the audit in SMEs 16 March, 2017 By Monica Foerster, SMP director at IBRACON | Companies usually aim not only to survive, but also to expand their business. This expansion - which may refer to the size, but also to the diversity of operation areas and to the expansion of the business locations - generates business growth and is a relevant part of the development of new businesses and new products.

International Women's Day: Diversity as a competitive advantage 13 March, 2017 By Ana Lourdes Ortiz. Partner, Ortiz Leos (PrimeGlobal)

International Women's Day: Gender diversity in the European accountancy profession 13 March, 2017 By Hilde Blomme, deputy CEO, Accountancy Europe

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